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Recycling and Power Plants

Highly wear resistant components made of sandwich type steel Alphachrome 7000plus/8000snake are preferential materials in recycling machinery and power plants.

Range of supply and applications


Tungsten Carbide protected

  • nozzle rings for roller mills
  • augers
  • auger elements
  • recycling augers for clay silos
  • gitators

Layered material Alphachrome 7000plus

  • Y-hoses
  • components for roller mills
  • outer liners for roller mills
  • mixer liners (bottoms and walls)
  • pipes

Layered material Alphachrome 8000snake

  • jaw crushers
  • components for roller mills

Layered material Alphachrome 7810

  • pulper heads

Layerd material Alphachrome 7240

  • augers / screw conveyors

Layered material Alphachrome 7481

  • outer liners for roller mills