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Concrete Industry

High quality concrete is made of first class cement, admixtures and additives in combination with a first class mixing process.

There is an increasing demand of improved concrete quality worldwide for all industries, wether it is in building construction, plaster and plate production or the field of ready mix.

Different types of mixers, from pan to planetary mixers, counter current mixers, double shaft mixers, single shaft mixers, conical mixers, etc. are used to meet this demand for an improved quality of concrete.

The operational time of all brands of mixers, such as Teka, Pemat, Kniele, Lödige, M-tec, Simen, ORU, Skako, Haarup, Rapid, Steelfields, Eirich, MASA, Schlosser, Hess, BHS, OMG, Kabag, etc. is determined by the quality of their mixing elements and liners.

We have established an excellent reputation with our mixer liners made of sandwich type steel Alphachrome 7000plus/8000snake as well as our Tungsten Carbide protected mixing tools.


Range of supply and applications

Tungsten Carbide protected

  • scrapers (inner and outer)
  • concrete glasses
  • corner clearing tools
  • mixing shovels and - elements
  • mixing arms and agitatorsl
  • vibration table liners
  • augers
  • auger elements
  • cutting rings
  • agitators and agitator legs

Hard cast

  • mixing arm protection

Layered material Alphachrome 7000plus

  • mixer liners (bottoms and walls)
  • pipes


  • mixer arm protection
  • mixing shovels


  • grip rails
  • Prallschutz
  • impact protection drum linings


  • completely overhauled Eirich-mixers with warranty