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Tungsten Carbide

Tungsten Carbide protected components subjected to high wear, such as agitator- and turbine pipes, protected with 2 mm Tungsten Carbide on the surface and 5 to 10 mm on the critical edges result in an extended life span and an operational time several times longer than standard material such as a welding layer on the surface.

A semi-automatic production process guarantees an even protection of the particular part taht is most subjected to extreme wear and tear.

Examples for Tungsten Carbide protected components

Range of supply and applications


Tungsten Carbide protected

  • scrapers
  • liners for steam mills
  • clearing tools
  • concrete glasses
  • double shaft mixers
  • nozzle rings for roller mills
  • corner tools
  • mould liners
  • reels for filling boxes   
  • inner and outer wall scrapers
  • blower wheels and -arms
  • grinding mills
  • outer liners
  • mixing ploughs
  • mixing elements and -shovels
  • mixing arms
  • ploughshares
  • reactors
  • rakes
  • vibration table liners
  • beaters
  • augers
  • auger elments
  • cutting rings
  • cutting knifes  
  • recycling augers
  • outer liners for grinding mills
  • agitator
  • agitator legs
  • agitator heads